How to Edit the Icons in Your LinkedIn Profile Experience Section

How to Edit the Icons in Your LinkedIn Profile Experience Section

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I received a great question from a client this morning about the icons in the LinkedIn profile experience section. He asked, “How do I swap out a logo that appears next to ‘Company Name’? ” Specifically, he wanted to change one that had pre-populated when he added the company to his experience section.

Most questions I receive are about how to get a logo INTO LinkedIn profile experience section – he HAD managed to link them correctly but he wanted to know if it could be changed to something else.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your needs, only the COMPANY PAGE ADMIN can change the logo associated with the company page. This is to make sure that end users can’t include something like ‘Mc Donalds’ on their resume but swap in a ‘Burger King’ logo in some sort of passive aggressive statement. Or to say they worked at YOUR company but to change the logo branding in any way.

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If, for whatever reason, you want to include the company but NOT the logo icon, you can delete the Experience entry and then add it back but do NOT click on the pre-populated option that links you to the company page. This way, you WILL be able to include the name of the company but you will NOT have the logo icon NOR will the entry link to the company page.

If the interface won’t allow you to NOT choose the pre-populated option, try adding an extra space or a capital letter to YOUR entry. It’s funny, as I said, it is usually difficult to get the correct pre-poulated option to display but here, you need to use a slightly different set of letters and spaces so it does not match the two.

NOTE: Always CLICK THROUGH to the company page associated with the icon to confirm that it IS the company you want to link to!

This type of change (to your experience section) DOES trigger a notification to your connections so if you do NOT want a notification to be sent, be sure to turn your visibility settings OFF before making any changes.


Still having a hard time with this? Give me a call at 212.664.1872 or email me at and we can set up a time to get this resolved!


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