Social Media in 20 Minutes A Day

Effectively Manage and Monitor Your Social Media in 20 Minutes a Day (or less!)

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+ and other social networks can be both a blessing and a curse. They are an invaluable way to keep in touch with friends, family, business associates, clients and customers. You can use them for everything from networking to establishing your expertise and from researching to finding fun diversions. Once you start using them, it is not uncommon to wonder how you ever lived without them!

But whether you are using them for business and or pleasure, they can also be a huge time drain! The number one problem I hear from active social media users, by FAR, is that they are overwhelmed by all the time they find themselves spending on the various sites and are having a hard time determining if there really is any ROI, any Return on this Investment of time.

In direct response to this pressing concern, I have created this training program to show you How to Manage and Monitor YOUR Social Media profiles in 20 minutes a day or less!

This program, available one-on-one live or virtually as well as via webinar and team training, includes:

One, 60 minute session to assess the status of your existing social presence and to define your online marketing goals. Customized checklists created for you, based on this plan and a third, 1 – 2 hour session to discuss a strategy based on your goals, identifying the platforms and sites that are the best fit for your needs, how we to use them and how to actually perform each task on the checklist.

Additional training sessions may be needed to show you how to implement the strategies we discuss, to properly revise existing profiles and review the techniques needed to build an effective community on each platform. These are available separately, charged on an hourly basis, depending on your specific needs.

If you are struggling to get a handle on your social presence and/or have decided that it is finally time to make the most of your time online, please call 212.664.1872 or email me at today to get started today!

Available as:

One on One sessions in your office (in the NYC/ NJ area) or via webinar anywhere in the world

Online webinars – offered periodically, please check the website calendar

Group Workshops – please check the website calendar or schedule one for your office or networking group.

“LisaMarie Dias has helped a techno-phobic physician (myself) become Social Media Savvy quickly and painlessly. Her philosophy of “Social Media in 20 Minutes a Day” was a perfect strategy for me. It has made a dramatic improvement in practice marketing and been of tremendous help to me in giving my patients many more choices in terms of ways to learn about their health. Social media is an invaluable marketing and health education tool and LisaMarie has made it accessible for everyone. Thanks LisaMarie!!”

Serena H. Chen, MD, FACOG, IRMS
Saint Barnabas