Twitter Training for Business

Twitter Training for business includes step by step instructions for how YOU need to use the tool to meet YOUR business goals

Being on Twitter can feel like being knocked over by a firehose of constantly spraying content. It can also be a one of THE BEST ways to establish your expertise, attract your ideal clients/ customers and patients and can be the perfect match for those who need to follow breaking news. If Twitter is the right platform for you, Twitter Training for Business is key to making sure you control that firehose!

We work at YOUR pace, based on your level of technical expertise. And yes, if you have NO technical expertise, that is fine, we can start with the basics!

If you have staff members who will be maintaining your, and/or your company’s, digital presence this training is VITAL! Making sure that they understand how to properly use this tool for business purposes is key to protecting your digital identity. Just because a person regularly uses some of the social platforms personally does NOT mean that they know the correct etiquette and frequency to use Twitter professionally.

Visit my testimonials page for rave reviews by clients of all levels and from a wide variety of industries, who have learned how to use this powerful tool by working with me.

Best when coupled with our Twitter Strategy services so you have a plan to implement.

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Available live in the NYC/ northern NJ area or via the web, anywhere in the world!

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“For anyone needing assistance in areas of social media, including setting up your LinkedIn account and knowing how to leverage it effectively, Lisa Marie Dias is an expert in the field. She provided an excellent tutorial. Additionally, her working knowledge of building community via Twitter and Facebook, using key words and personalizing your message is a valuable resource.”

Susi Weiner
Business Development at The Center For Client Retention / ENTREVISTA