Facebook Marketing Strategy

A Facebook Marketing Strategy session is the first step in making this powerful global tool work for YOU!

With a noisy mix of business insights, family updates and lots and lots of social chatter, Facebook is the world’s most popular ‘office watercooler’ where everyone is sharing the latest news, industry information and gossip. A presence on this platform can be invaluable for digital visibility and for reaching and engaging with potential clients and customers.

This service includes:

  • Discussing, defining and prioritizing your goals
  • Explaining how to use this tool effectively for BUSINESS
  • Crafting an effective posting plan to help you achieve those goals
  • Creating and Optimizing your Business Page
  • Checklists and tools to keep you on track

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Available live in the NYC/ northern NJ area or via the web, anywhere in the world!

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“Lisa Marie is a patient teacher and amazing social media expert! Regardless of where you are starting from (I was at itch not even scratch!) she can take you through the process of not just knowing what you need to do but actually work with you to put it on the ground and enable you to build your platform! Highly recommend her if you need someone to help you navigate the social media waters!”

Erica Peitler, CPCC
Speaker, Author, Leadership Performance Coach, High Impact Facilitator and CEO @ Erica Peitler & Associates