Email Marketing Campaign Services

Email marketing is an excellent tool for nurturing your existing customer/ client/ patient base, staying on their radar and building loyalty.

Studies show that 95% of online consumers use email, 91% of these reported checking their email at least once a day and that for every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment! (1)

I am a huge fan of email marketing and often refer to myself as an enews evangelista. It is also a great fit for those looking to establish their expertise. But too often, marketers abuse email and end up spamming their customers instead of engaging them. Our email marketing campaign services are designed to show you the RIGHT way to use email to build YOUR business!

Email marketing campaign services which show YOU how to use email to build YOUR bottom line include:

  • Strategy sessions to design an effective plan to meet YOUR goals
  • Set-up to get you up and running, including opening an account, creating branded templates and an editorial calendar
  • Training to help you and your staff successfully implement that plan
  • Management services to implement the plan for you when you don’t have the staff or bandwidth to do it on your own.

Available one-on-one, for teams and/or as group presentations, live in the NYC/NJ area or via webinar anywhere in the world.

Email or call 212.664.1872 today to set up a time to discuss YOUR needs and to start putting an effective Email Marketing Campaign into action!

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“It is very easy to recommend LisaMarie. She has painlessly guided me through the entire process of creating my e-newsletter, from the initial development of templates to the preparation of each monthly issue. The outcome has been an extremely successful marketing tool that has resulted in increased business for my firm. Not only is LisaMarie extremely knowledgeable and professional, her talents far exceed the world of Constant Contact. She is also very adept at creating copy, her sensitivity to graphic design is excellent and she is very skilled in marketing and social media. Although our work sessions are very focused and productive, I always look forward to working with her, because she has a great sense of humor and she actually makes the whole process fun!”

Heather Higgins
Higgins Design Studio

“What a delight – working with Lisa finally helped me get my Constant Contact newsletter on-line and out. People would tell me, ” it is so easy, no big deal” and I am sure it would not be, if I was ready and willing to make the time to read through directions and do it myself – however, that is not what I do best – so why not hire an expert? I needed support in making it happen in a timely and professional manner. LisaMarie makes the process fun, creative and if you ultimately want to do the work yourself, she can help you learn how or she is happy to do it for you – either way. Lisa has enthusiasm and passion for each client she works with. So, if you are stuck and procrastinating about getting your communications out the door and to your clients — call her and she will make it HAPPEN.”

Risa Olinsky