Facebook Training for Business

Facebook Training for Business prepares you to tap into the global reach of Facebook to meet YOUR business goals.

Using Facebook personally does not necessarily prepare you for using it to build your business. And using Facebook improperly can actually undermine your business efforts! Facebook Training for business includes step by step instructions for how YOU need to use this Global Social Network to build YOUR business. We work at YOUR pace, based on your level of technical expertise. And yes, if you have NO technical expertise, that is fine, we can start with the basics!

If you have staff members who will be maintaining your, and/or your company’s, digital presence this training is VITAL! Making sure that they understand how to properly use this tool for business purposes is key to protecting your digital identity. Just because a person regularly uses this or other social platforms personally does NOT mean that they know the correct etiquette and frequency to use Facebook for business.

Visit my testimonials page for rave reviews by clients of all levels and from a wide variety of industries, who have learned how to use this powerful tool by working with me.

Best when coupled with our Facebook Strategy services so you have a plan to implement.

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Available live in the NYC/ northern NJ area or via the web, anywhere in the world!

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“LisaMarie, thank you SO MUCH for your help with the whole Timeline nightmare thing! I’m so glad you were able to catch that tiny thing that I was missing that was making my life miserable! I never would have figured it out myself that’s for sure. LOL I would recommend your advice to anyone having Facebook issues. I can tell you know your stuff and look out! I might have a question in the future if FB keeps changing things. ;) LOL Thank you again SO MUCH and if you ever need anything, please let me know!”

Christa Gleadhill