Marketing on YouTube

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world – if you are looking to drive traffic, this platform may be a good fit for YOU.

With over 2 BILLION views per day, YouTube has twice the audience of the prime time audience of all three major broadcast networks, combined! (1) And you can add YOUR content, FREE of charge. Try THAT with the major networks, primetime or otherwise!

Marketing on YouTube can take many forms, from how-to videos and instructional tutorials to interviews and entertaining videos of all types.

We offer a number of YouTube services including:

“I’d heard of Lisa Marie through my networking group but was never able to attend any of her presentations. Folks raved about her though. So, I finally had the chance to attend a presentation focused on Social Media networks, primarily LinkedIn. Wow! She blew me away with her knowledge and ability to communicate (and her tech support wasn’t working that day so it was all talk and no PowerPoint screen shots). It was a fantastic presentation chock full of useful information. Fast forward to a snow day in the northeast: I reached out to hire her to help with my multiple LinkedIn profiles. Not only did she respond immediately with a clear description of her service offerings she sent me several tutorials that I could follow if I wanted to resolve the problems on my own. The tutorials turned out to be exactly what I needed and in a few short hours I did it myself. Now, to be sure, I still have work to do to leverage my LinkedIn profile but you can be sure that I will rely on Lisa Marie for support. Would I hire her? Absolutely YES! Thank you Lisa Marie.”

Andrea Walker, CPO®
Owner, Smartly Organized, LLC