About our Digital Marketing Services Company

Lisa Marie DiasLisaMarie Dias, a Social Media and Email Marketing strategist and trainer, truly enjoys teaching business owners how to utilize digital tools and platforms to build their businesses and their bottom line!

Originally trained and licensed as an architect, LisaMarie is a goal oriented and energetic entrepreneur, helping business owners achieve measurable social media and email marketing results. She specializes in introductions to Social Media and e-newsletter start-up with Constant Contact. Her patient teaching style, creative approach and deep knowledge of the wide variety of available options, allows her to design customized solutions which meet her clients’ specific goals while accommodating their individual level of technical knowledge and their time and budget constraints.

Her digital marketing services company has helped professionals in a wide range of industries including doctors, financial consultants, retail and restaurant owners, engineers, designers, artists, authors, performers and more, navigate the world of social media. Through live and virtual classes and one-on-one training sessions she helps them optimize their digital presence and master online tools to grow their businesses.

LisaMarie is a huge fan of email marketing, referring to herself as an ‘enews evangelista’. She discovered Constant Contact when looking for an easy and affordable way to keep in touch with her own clients and has published her own e-newsletter for over 12 years. She currently produces a bi-weekly e-newsletter filled with hints and tips to support people in their digital and social media marketing efforts and she is a Constant Contact Solution Provider and Certified Trainer.

In 2010, LisaMarie was honored by NJAWBO Essex with a Teal Heart award for her service to the organization and in 2006, LisaMarie was honored by the Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce, receiving their ‘Businesswoman of the Year’ award.


“LisaMarie Dias is the kind of professional everyone should want on her team. I just finished working with her on a project and I know I will hire her again immediately on another one! She is conscientious and wants her clients to walk away completely satisfied. I am one of those “satisfied” customers! I have already highly recommended her to business associates.”

Julie Maloney

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