Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy services designed to clarify your goals, identify the platforms that are right for YOU and then to craft a plan to follow which will help you meet (and beat!) those goals.

Using Social Media and Email for business can be disastrous if done incorrectly. You can easily alienate your existing clientele and turn off prospects by using the wrong platforms, poorly formatted content or posting that content too frequently or not frequently enough.

Digital Marketing Strategy Services are available for individual platforms:

As well as Email Marketing and Comprehensive plans to incorporate all digital marketing.

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Available live in the NYC/ northern NJ area or via the web, anywhere in the world!

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“LisaMarie is outstanding! She knows her business. Her instincts are right on. Her creativity and professional standards are high. She’s honest, fun, generous and resourceful. She will not settle for anything that is not the very best it can be. These are some of her trademarks and why I keep returning to work with her.

I wanted a website that was really professional…not generic and salesy…and quickly after speaking to LisaMarie she produced a design I absolutely loved — exactly what I had in mind and dreamed about.

We then got right into a strategy to grow my business and to increase my knowledge and skills with social media and marketing. She presented several exciting and viable plans — utilizing my website, implementing Constant Contact for tracking prospects and creating E-Newsletters, LinkedIn and more.

LisaMarie also designed an original logo that truly stands for me and my Coaching business brand. Something I hadn’t even thought about.

You’re involved with every detail of the process — learning as you go so when the project is done you know how it works and… it does work! Spectacularly!!”

Michael Feeley
Life Career Change Coaching

 “LisaMarie is knowledgeable, creative and very easy to work with. She is able to listen to her clients and present them with solutions that will enhance their marketing efforts. She is innovative and able to “think out of the box” when making recommendations and then works efficiently and quickly to incorporate these ideas into practice for her clients. I have worked with Lisa Marie on several projects and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to take their marketing program to the next level.”

Diane Himics
TriDelta Design Group