Demystifying Social Media

Social media is not just a place to follow celebrities, sports and/or news but a necessary outpost for any successful 21st century business!

How Popular (and Lucrative) is Social Media? Of the over 4 BILLION active internet users in the world, 2.4 BILLION have Facebook Accounts. 300 hours of video are uploaded every MINUTE to YouTube, LinkedIn has over 645 MILLION users and Instagram, a relative newcomer, has over 1 BILLION monthly active accounts.

This Demystifying Social Media presentation provides an overview of the many of the more popular platforms, explaining how they work, the proper etiquette for business use, the demographics of users and the types of businesses who should consider using this platform.

The Demystifying Social Media presentation is available as:

One on One sessions in your office (in the NYC/ NJ area) or via webinar anywhere in the world

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“I was so fortunate to hear Lisa Marie Dias speak about how to use social networking to enhance your business. Her knowledge of online marketing using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Constant Contact, as well as emerging trends and Internet sites was informative and extremely useful to me. Her presentation was part of a Mastermind Event Series at the Westminster Hotel in Livingston and Lisa Marie is indeed a “master mind.” Her professionalism and expertise are to be commended. I can recommend her services and wouldn’t hesitate to attend a presentation where she was the speaker.”

Rosalie Saferstein
Table Hopping With Rosie – New Jersey Monthly Magazine