Advanced Twitter Training

Are you ready to take your Twitter account to the next level?

Are you looking to really monetize your efforts and drive more traffic? This advanced Twitter training will give you the tips and tricks you need to boost your traffic, increase engagement and make the most of your time on this powerful social platform.

Available as:

One on One sessions in your office (in the NYC/ NJ area) or via webinar anywhere in the world

Online webinars – offered periodically, please check the website calendar

Group Workshops – please check the website calendar or schedule one for your office or networking group.

Other Twitter services offered include:

Check our calendar of events to see when the next webinar will be offered or to set up an appointment to get started today!

“For anyone needing assistance in areas of social media, including setting up your LinkedIn account and knowing how to leverage it effectively, Lisa Marie Dias is an expert in the field. She provided an excellent tutorial. Additionally, her working knowledge of building community via Twitter and Facebook, using key words and personalizing your message is a valuable resource.”

Susi Weiner
Business Development at The Center For Client Retention / ENTREVISTA