how to find leads on linkedin

How to Find Leads on LinkedIn

This post will show you how to find leads on LinkedIn and explain what to do once you find them! A client that I am working with, is starting a new business. We are working on everything from strategy to branding and everything in between. These are great projects and
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Goals for 2021

What are YOUR Goals for 2021?

As we start the new year and talk about goals for 2021, I would first like to take a minute to say Thank You! In addition to selling our family home, moving back to NYC (yes, INTO the city as everyone was fleeing) and dealing with lock downs and all
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Building a Tribe Online

Building a Tribe Online – a Client’s Success Story

Recently, a client of mine, Michael Feeley, wrote to update me on his success with building a ‘tribe’ online. I can write endless posts with suggestions of what to do when building a tribe online, but I thought that hearing, firsthand, from someone who has successfully put those suggestions to
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Building a Social Platform to Launch a Book

Dan Edds, a client and first time author, wrote to update me on his progress with building a social platform to launch his new book. Here is his experience, in his own words: Building a Social Platform to Launch a Book After four years of research and personal interviews with
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Using LinkedIn - A JobSeeker's Success Story

Using LinkedIn – A JobSeeker’s Success Story

This morning, a client sent an update on her job search and her success with using LinkedIn to find a new position. I am including an excerpt here, with her and the company names removed for privacy, so you can see how this process works and to give some hope
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LinkedIn profile experience section

How to Edit the Icons in Your LinkedIn Profile Experience Section

I received a great question from a client this morning about the icons in the LinkedIn profile experience section. He asked, “How do I swap out a logo that appears next to ‘Company Name’? ” Specifically, he wanted to change one that had pre-populated when he added the company to
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Career Advice – How to Sign Up to GIVE or RECEIVE Advice via LinkedIn’s Career Advice Hub

Since late 2017,  LinkedIn has offered a Career Advice feature – a valuable, FREE, resource that many people seem to know nothing about! The feature allows people to GIVE and/or RECEIVE career advice from fellow LinkedIn members both in and beyond your connection list. There are many advantages to participating
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How to request a LinkedIn Recommendation

How to Request a LinkedIn Recommendation – Tutorial with Desktop and Phone Instructions

Here is how to request a LinkedIn Recommendation from both your desktop computer and your phone: PC Desktop instructions (scroll down to see Android phone instructions) 1. Log into LinkedIn and go to your HOME page 2. Start typing the name of the person you want to have recommend you,
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LinkedIn Recommendations

Q and A: LinkedIn Recommendations

The other day, an old friend and colleague asked a great question, ‘How can I get more LinkedIn Recommendations?‘ Here is an excerpt of my answer along with a link to a TUTORIAL I have written on ‘How to Request LinkedIn Recommendations‘: LinkedIn recommendations are a valuable component of any
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Email Marketing Expert

Email Marketing: Email Service Provider (ESP) Recommendations

Recently, someone from the new website “What Say the Experts“, contacted me. They were looking for an Email Marketing Expert to discuss ESP’s (Email Service Providers) for small businesses. Below is an excerpt of the content I sent him for the post: 98.4% of people surveyed have said that they
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