Should I Create a LinkedIn Newsletter?

Recently, you may have received a notification via email or in your LinkedIn notifications, letting you know that one of your LinkedIn connections has published a newsletter. Hopefully, you clicked through and read it. If you are a savvy businessperson, your next thought may have been, ‘Should I create a
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Important Changes Coming to Email Marketing

Important Changes Coming to Email Marketing

There are some important changes coming to email marketing. They may impact you as an email user, depending on which email service you use to receive email, and they will certainly impact your metrics if you do any email marketing. In this post I will explain the important changes coming
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Email Service Providers

Email Service Providers Are NOT Created Equal

This past week I had a very disappointing experience with a popular Email Service Provider (ESP). It really underscored for me that all Email Service Providers are NOT created equal. I won’t call out the company by name but they were NOT Constant Contact. I share it as a cautionary
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What NOT to do Email Edition

What NOT to Do – 2021 Email Marketing Edition

In my presentations, if there is enough time, I often do a segment called ‘What NOT to do’ where I offer actual examples for the audience to evaluate using the information they learned in the session. People love it, often saying that it is their favorite part and the one
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How Can We Tailor OUR Email Marketing to Better Serve OUR Community?

How Can We Tailor Our Email Marketing to Better Serve Our Community?

A few weeks ago, I shared an article I had read about a company that was allowing people to choose to opt out of their upcoming Mother’s Day mailings. I posted it on LinkedIn and asked people what THEY thought about offering this type of option. I liked the concept
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Goals for 2021

What are YOUR Goals for 2021?

As we start the new year and talk about goals for 2021, I would first like to take a minute to say Thank You! In addition to selling our family home, moving back to NYC (yes, INTO the city as everyone was fleeing) and dealing with lock downs and all
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Email Marketing Expert

Email Marketing: Email Service Provider (ESP) Recommendations

Recently, someone from the new website “What Say the Experts“, contacted me. They were looking for an Email Marketing Expert to discuss ESP’s (Email Service Providers) for small businesses. Below is an excerpt of the content I sent him for the post: 98.4% of people surveyed have said that they
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Checklist of Things to Include in an Introductory Email to a Potential Client

A Checklist of Things to Include in an Introductory Email to a Potential Client

Do you send unsolicited emails to prospects and leads? I do not usually recommend this tactic as it can lead to getting your email address blacklisted and can start your relationship off on the wrong foot but I realize that many business people rely on this approach to fill their
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should I delete this person from my mailing list?

Q & A: Should I Delete this Person From My Mailing List?

This week, a client noticed an odd entry in her weekly sign-up report from Constant Contact.  She forwarded this screenshot and asked, ‘should I delete this person from my mailing list?’ Unusual name and address?   One of my goals is to help clients GROW their email marketing lists so
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How to add a link to a photo in Constant Contact

How to Add a Link to a Photo in Constant Contact – Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on how to add a link to a photo in Constant Contact. There are many reasons to add links to the photos in your Constant Contact mailings: To readers back to your website To include extra information To ‘activate’ button images If nothing else, because
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