Email Service Providers

Email Service Providers Are NOT Created Equal

This past week I had a very disappointing experience with a popular Email Service Provider (ESP). It really underscored for me that all Email Service Providers are NOT created equal. I won’t call out the company by name but they were NOT Constant Contact. I share it as a cautionary
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What NOT to do Email Edition

What NOT to Do – 2021 Email Marketing Edition

In my presentations, if there is enough time, I often do a segment called ‘What NOT to do’ where I offer actual examples for the audience to evaluate using the information they learned in the session. People love it, often saying that it is their favorite part and the one
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How Can We Tailor OUR Email Marketing to Better Serve OUR Community?

How Can We Tailor Our Email Marketing to Better Serve Our Community?

A few weeks ago, I shared an article I had read about a company that was allowing people to choose to opt out of their upcoming Mother’s Day mailings. I posted it on LinkedIn and asked people what THEY thought about offering this type of option. I liked the concept
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Success Stories: Linda Kay – Kay College Consulting

Name: Linda Kay M.A. Company: Kay College Consulting Background: I met Linda Kay through NJAWBO (the NJ Association of Women Business Owners) back in 2009.  After meeting with her, I immediately knew that she was the type of person who could really make the most of an e-newsletter.  Even though
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Bill's Army Navy Outdoors

Success Stories – Lee Lucas, Bill’s Army Navy Outdoors, Short Hills NJ

Name: Lee Lucas Company: Bill’s Army Navy Outdoors Background: Lee Lucas is the owner of Bill’s Army Navy Outdoors, a full service shop in Short Hills for all of your Outdoor needs. In addition to a large selection of shoes, boots and active wear from well known brands like Northface, 
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Twitter Success Stories – Richard R. Shapiro, Author and Customer Service Expert

Name: Richard R. Shapiro Company: The Center For Client Retention Background: Richard, through TCFCR, provides research, training and consulting services to Fortune 500 corporations on how to improve the customer experience.  His book, The Welcomer Edge: Unlocking the Secrets to Repeat Business provides businesses with practical, easy to implement suggestions
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Email Marketing Success Stories – Heather Higgins, Interior Designer, NYC

Name: Heather Higgins Company: Higgins Design Studio, LLC Publication: Inside Design Background: Heather Higgins is the principal and founder of Higgins Design Studio, LLC, a Manhattan-based, interior design practice. She works with busy professionals to create homes and offices that will support and inspire their demanding lives. A formally educated
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Email Marketing Success Stories – Bette Frick, The Text Dr.

Name: Elizabeth Frick, PhD. Company: The Text Doctor® Background: Dr. Elizabeth (Bette) Frick teaches writing and communication to employees of corporations and governments in the Denver Metro area and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul. Her interactive classes and practical workshops help everyone improve communication skills. Bette holds a PhD
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Email Marketing Success Stories – Brenda McMahon Ceramics

Name: Brenda McMahon Company: Brenda McMahon Ceramics Background: I met Brenda back in college when I lived with her sister.  We have been in and out of touch over the years and she reached out to me early last summer to help optimize her email marketing and E-newsletter campaigns.  She has
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