Email Marketing Success Stories – Heather Higgins, Interior Designer, NYC

Email Marketing Success Stories – Heather Higgins, Interior Designer, NYC


Name: Heather Higgins

Company: Higgins Design Studio, LLC

Publication: Inside Design


Heather Higgins is the principal and founder of Higgins Design Studio, LLC, a Manhattan-based, interior design practice. She works with busy professionals to create homes and offices that will support and inspire their demanding lives. A formally educated interior designer, she brings over 30 years of design and business experience to every project, including an extensive background with some of New York’s most prominent architectural / interiors firms. She has been featured on HGTV’s “Designer’s Challenge”, online in the Wall Street Journal, Doggie Aficionado Magazine and most recently in the NY Enterprise Report.

The Plan:

When I first met Heather, she was looking for a way to share her considerable expertise, keep in touch with her existing clients and to stay on their radar until they needed her services.  Email marketing, including a monthly e-newsletter, was a good solution to fit her needs.

Using her clean, elegant website for cues, we set up a very simple, clean template for her e-newsletter.  Since she did not have a lot of time to dedicate to the e-news, we kept it to a single article, posted in full with a beautiful, often playful, image. This format allows her to really focus on a single theme each month and she has consistently produced high value posts rich with tips, practical suggestions and advice.

Her Story:

Our monthly newsletter, inside design, has been a very successful marketing tool that has resulted in increased business for us in a number of ways.

Initially, we implemented it as a vehicle to stay in touch with and provide added value to our clients, friends and colleagues. Our purpose was to bring on a monthly basis, a brief glimpse of some topical aspect of the interior design world that they would find both helpful and inspirational. The goal was to keep the content fairly non-promotional and user friendly.

What we did not anticipate is some of the other ways in which a newsletter might work for us:

  • When a prospective client refers to an issue covered in one of our newsletters, we follow-up by emailing them a copy of the article. This provides them with added value and us with an opportunity to demonstrate our professional expertise.
  • Forwarding newsletter articles to editors and producers, on a particular area of interest to them, has facilitated media exposure.
  • Articles have been reprinted and used as “leave behind” promotional materials at a speaking engagement.
  • Offering to email an informational newsletter, as we meet people in networking situations, has also been a great way for us to capture email addresses and expand our mailing list.

Here a few of our favorite past issues of Inside Design:

October 2011 – Does Size Really Matter?

May 2010 – Why is this Painting Estimate so High?

February 2010 – Why is this Sofa so Expensive?

Thank you Heather for sharing your story as well as your expertise!


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