Email Marketing Success Stories – Bette Frick, The Text Dr.

Email Marketing Success Stories – Bette Frick, The Text Dr.

The Text Dr

Name: Elizabeth Frick, PhD.

Company: The Text Doctor®

Background: Dr. Elizabeth (Bette) Frick teaches writing and communication to employees of corporations and governments in the Denver Metro area and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul. Her interactive classes and practical workshops help everyone improve communication skills. Bette holds a PhD in English from the University of Minnesota and served as president of the Twin Cities chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) from 2003-2004. She is a Fellow of STC. Dr. Frick is also board-certified as a medical editor by the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences and serves as the President of the American Medical Writers Association-Rocky Mountain Chapter (2011-2012). She recently earned the highest Toastmaster award, the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

Bette already had a Constant Contact account when she reached out to me to help her modify her template.  (See the BEFORE and AFTER images below)

The Plan:

Since she already had a good open rate and excellent content, we worked on redefining her branding and creating a clean template which she could easily update on her own each month.  Her original template was one column wide so we added a sidebar which works really well with the tips, polls and other tidbits of information she shares.  We also added a table of contents so you can quickly see all the content and jump to articles ‘below the fold’. These small changes helped her make the most of her email marketing efforts.

Her Story:

“I find that my Constant Contact newsletter helps me keep in touch with clients, former students, and colleagues. Every time I send a newsletter, I make a few sales, and I also get e-mails from about 10-15 people who have now become friends. I used to send a paper newsletter monthly as regular mail, but e-letters allow me to send news and information every month.”

I have three or four articles a month: a main article about a writing issue, a brief review of a book about writing; a grammar article; and a “For Fun!” article. I also have a column of links, and all my links throughout the newsletter seem popular. At the end of the grammar article, I have a link to my one-question quiz, and I’ve had as many as 75 people take the quiz! That’s about 10 percent of my total readership, which warms my heart.

Click here to see an archive of her past issues

Thank you Bette, for sharing your story!


BEFORE: (shown cropped – see archive link above for a full version)

enews before


AFTER: (shown cropped – see archive link above for a full version)

email marketing  enews 2009


UPDATE: 2013 update to mobile friendly template: (shown cropped – see archive link above for a full version) helps Dr. Frick continue to utilize email marketing to grow and nurture her community.

email marketing  enews 2014

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