How Content Marketing Works

An Example of How Content Marketing Works

I am a huge fan of content marketing – the process of creating and sharing CONTENT to establish your expertise, define your brand, stay on the radar of your existing community and to attract new prospects. I frequently write about why and how to use content marketing to build your
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What works on LinkedIn?

What Works on LinkedIn?

People frequently ask me, ‘What works on LinkedIn?’ While there really is no one, single answer to this question, there are some tactics that I, and my clients, find work pretty reliably. Here is an update from a client, Dan Edds, who has, over the past two years, consistently posted,
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Building a Tribe Online

Building a Tribe Online – a Client’s Success Story

Recently, a client of mine, Michael Feeley, wrote to update me on his success with building a ‘tribe’ online. I can write endless posts with suggestions of what to do when building a tribe online, but I thought that hearing, firsthand, from someone who has successfully put those suggestions to
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Building a Social Platform to Launch a Book

Dan Edds, a client and first time author, wrote to update me on his progress with building a social platform to launch his new book. Here is his experience, in his own words: Building a Social Platform to Launch a Book After four years of research and personal interviews with
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Using LinkedIn - A JobSeeker's Success Story

Using LinkedIn – A JobSeeker’s Success Story

This morning, a client sent an update on her job search and her success with using LinkedIn to find a new position. I am including an excerpt here, with her and the company names removed for privacy, so you can see how this process works and to give some hope
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3 Recent Examples of How LinkedIn has Helped Me

LinkedIn has helped me grow my business, build my professional network and establish my expertise. I use it daily and am constantly (happily) surprised by the people I meet and the information I gather there. LinkedIn has helped me in innumerable ways but here are three recent examples. Recently, out of
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Vanity URL on Facebook

Vanity URL on Facbeook – Tutorial

When you first create a Business Page on Facebook, your URL (your page’s web address) will look something like this: It will have the name you chose plus a series of random numbers and letters – not something you can easily remember or share!

7 Touches – A Basic Marketing Principle in Action

7 Touches – A Basic Marketing Principle in Action

It is a basic marketing principle that it takes seven ‘touches’ before someone will internalize and/or act upon your call to action. These touches can take many forms: A physical connection, such as meeting at a networking event


Moving the Dial and Re-engaging a LinkedIn Group

First hand experience and suggestions from Mark Longbottom, LinkedIn Group Manager and Social Media Consultant on how to run (and reinvigorate!) a successful LinkedIn Group Many of us, especially those who are more active on LinkedIn, are members of a number of LinkedIn Groups.  Groups, at their best, can be
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Success Stories: Linda Kay – Kay College Consulting

Name: Linda Kay M.A. Company: Kay College Consulting Background: I met Linda Kay through NJAWBO (the NJ Association of Women Business Owners) back in 2009.  After meeting with her, I immediately knew that she was the type of person who could really make the most of an e-newsletter.  Even though
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