Building a Tribe Online

Building a Tribe Online – a Client’s Success Story

Recently, a client of mine, Michael Feeley, wrote to update me on his success with building a ‘tribe’ online. I can write endless posts with suggestions of what to do when building a tribe online, but I thought that hearing, firsthand, from someone who has successfully put those suggestions to
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Building a Social Platform to Launch a Book

Dan Edds, a client and first time author, wrote to update me on his progress with building a social platform to launch his new book. Here is his experience, in his own words: Building a Social Platform to Launch a Book After four years of research and personal interviews with
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Using LinkedIn - A JobSeeker's Success Story

Using LinkedIn – A JobSeeker’s Success Story

This morning, a client sent an update on her job search and her success with using LinkedIn to find a new position. I am including an excerpt here, with her and the company names removed for privacy, so you can see how this process works and to give some hope
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3 Recent Examples of How LinkedIn has Helped Me

LinkedIn has helped me grow my business, build my professional network and establish my expertise. I use it daily and am constantly (happily) surprised by the people I meet and the information I gather there. LinkedIn has helped me in innumerable ways but here are three recent examples. Recently, out of
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Vanity URL on Facebook

Vanity URL on Facbeook – Tutorial

When you first create a Business Page on Facebook, your URL (your page’s web address) will look something like this: It will have the name you chose plus a series of random numbers and letters – not something you can easily remember or share!

7 Touches – A Basic Marketing Principle in Action

7 Touches – A Basic Marketing Principle in Action

It is a basic marketing principle that it takes seven ‘touches’ before someone will internalize and/or act upon your call to action. These touches can take many forms: A physical connection, such as meeting at a networking event


Moving the Dial and Re-engaging a LinkedIn Group

First hand experience and suggestions from Mark Longbottom, LinkedIn Group Manager and Social Media Consultant on how to run (and reinvigorate!) a successful LinkedIn Group Many of us, especially those who are more active on LinkedIn, are members of a number of LinkedIn Groups.  Groups, at their best, can be
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Success Stories: Linda Kay – Kay College Consulting

Name: Linda Kay M.A. Company: Kay College Consulting Background: I met Linda Kay through NJAWBO (the NJ Association of Women Business Owners) back in 2009.  After meeting with her, I immediately knew that she was the type of person who could really make the most of an e-newsletter.  Even though
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Mumbai Magic

Deepa Krishnan of Mumbai Magic: a Case Study in Online (and offline!) Success

  I had the pleasure of meeting Deepa Krishnan when we were planning a trip to India. Our plan had been to create our own itinerary and book tours with local guides in each city we visited. I searched online in order to find guides, starting with our stay in Mumbai. Deepa’s
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Bill's Army Navy Outdoors

Success Stories – Lee Lucas, Bill’s Army Navy Outdoors, Short Hills NJ

Name: Lee Lucas Company: Bill’s Army Navy Outdoors Background: Lee Lucas is the owner of Bill’s Army Navy Outdoors, a full service shop in Short Hills for all of your Outdoor needs. In addition to a large selection of shoes, boots and active wear from well known brands like Northface, 
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