Using LinkedIn – A JobSeeker’s Success Story

Using LinkedIn – A JobSeeker’s Success Story

Using LinkedIn - A JobSeeker's Success Story

This morning, a client sent an update on her job search and her success with using LinkedIn to find a new position. I am including an excerpt here, with her and the company names removed for privacy, so you can see how this process works and to give some hope to those that are still looking!

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I actually was contacted by a contract recruiter through LinkedIn, asking if I was willing to WFH (Work From Home) as a Project Manager at a decent hourly rate – based on my LinkedIn profile. I happened to be on the computer on LinkedIn reading articles (per your suggestion!) when the email came in, so part of it was being at the right place at the right time. I answered immediately, and by the end of that day, they had actually identified a better job fit for another position at the same company and I had an interview setup with the company. Within a week, I was hired to be a consultant at XYZ, with a direct contract at ABC company. I started the week after my unemployment ran out!!

I am working on my second project for them, and now have the potential for being hired full time.

I do stay connected on LinkedIn, continue to read articles (and all of your posts!) regularly, so that I won’t fall completely behind and off the radar again. I honestly think your advice, support and suggestions were what got me noticed – so again, I thank you so much for your services!

I am SO happy for her and wish her the best. Yes, some of this is luck but she also MADE her own ‘luck’ by updating her profile, getting the word out that she was looking, by staying connected with her community, staying up to date on her industry and by responding quickly when they did reach out to her.

You can do this people! Let me know if you need any help.


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