Should I Create a LinkedIn Newsletter?

Recently, you may have received a notification via email or in your LinkedIn notifications, letting you know that one of your LinkedIn connections has published a newsletter. Hopefully, you clicked through and read it. If you are a savvy businessperson, your next thought may have been, ‘Should I create a
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How Content Marketing Works

An Example of How Content Marketing Works

I am a huge fan of content marketing – the process of creating and sharing CONTENT to establish your expertise, define your brand, stay on the radar of your existing community and to attract new prospects. I frequently write about why and how to use content marketing to build your
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Email Service Providers

Email Service Providers Are NOT Created Equal

This past week I had a very disappointing experience with a popular Email Service Provider (ESP). It really underscored for me that all Email Service Providers are NOT created equal. I won’t call out the company by name but they were NOT Constant Contact. I share it as a cautionary
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What NOT to do Email Edition

What NOT to Do – 2021 Email Marketing Edition

In my presentations, if there is enough time, I often do a segment called ‘What NOT to do’ where I offer actual examples for the audience to evaluate using the information they learned in the session. People love it, often saying that it is their favorite part and the one
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How Can We Tailor OUR Email Marketing to Better Serve OUR Community?

How Can We Tailor Our Email Marketing to Better Serve Our Community?

A few weeks ago, I shared an article I had read about a company that was allowing people to choose to opt out of their upcoming Mother’s Day mailings. I posted it on LinkedIn and asked people what THEY thought about offering this type of option. I liked the concept
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how to find leads on linkedin

How to Find Leads on LinkedIn

This post will show you how to find leads on LinkedIn and explain what to do once you find them! A client that I am working with, is starting a new business. We are working on everything from strategy to branding and everything in between. These are great projects and
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Building a Tribe Online

Building a Tribe Online – a Client’s Success Story

Recently, a client of mine, Michael Feeley, wrote to update me on his success with building a ‘tribe’ online. I can write endless posts with suggestions of what to do when building a tribe online, but I thought that hearing, firsthand, from someone who has successfully put those suggestions to
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Building a Social Platform to Launch a Book

Dan Edds, a client and first time author, wrote to update me on his progress with building a social platform to launch his new book. Here is his experience, in his own words: Building a Social Platform to Launch a Book After four years of research and personal interviews with
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Using LinkedIn - A JobSeeker's Success Story

Using LinkedIn – A JobSeeker’s Success Story

This morning, a client sent an update on her job search and her success with using LinkedIn to find a new position. I am including an excerpt here, with her and the company names removed for privacy, so you can see how this process works and to give some hope
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Here are some tips on how to use LinkedIn for brainstorming and feedback

LinkedIn for Brainstorming and Feedback

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for building your business. In addition to building your professional network, it can be used to establish your expertise, help you find a job or job candidates, be a source for finding leads and opportunities and much more. One use that you may not be
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