What Works on LinkedIn?

What Works on LinkedIn?

What works on LinkedIn?

People frequently ask me, ‘What works on LinkedIn?’ While there really is no one, single answer to this question, there are some tactics that I, and my clients, find work pretty reliably. Here is an update from a client, Dan Edds, who has, over the past two years, consistently posted, shared and engaged on LinkedIn and has seen great results. Last year, I wrote a post about his effort to build a social presence, pretty much from scratch, to promote his book. This past week, he sent me an update, excited to let me know that a recent post of his received over 60,000 views, garnered over 700 reactions and provided more than 125 quality new connections! Anyone who uses LinkedIn regularly will recognize this as a pretty admirable feat so I asked him to share his story here to let you know what works on LinkedIn for him. He generously agreed and sent this:

“Two years ago I was a newbie to LinkedIn. I knew of it but always thought it was a business version of FaceBook. I figured I had all the connections I needed. Then I received a rude awakening. I was looking for a publisher for my new book and I was told my social presence was too small. That is when I realized that LinkedIn was a way to develop a powerful platform, fast. LisaMarie helped me develop a strategy to grow quality connections, showed me how to write a post, and how to begin engaging this really remarkable community.

Through these initial connections and conversations with the LinkedIn community, I secured endorsements for my book by some of the world’s most respected leaders on the topic. In addition,  I have been able to create ongoing conversations with people all over the world that have exponentially increased my own understanding and knowledge base.

When I started submitting posts to the LI community, I tried long ones, short ones, shorter ones, and finally came to the conclusion that length was not so important as keeping them simple. Not simplistic content, but one idea at a time. The second thing I learned was that giving recognition to other members of the community goes a long way towards enhancing both the value of the entire LI community but also my own membership within that community. When I recognize someone, they are more likely to recognize me in return.

I have found that the following ‘keys’ help me capture more views, reactions, and comments:

1. Reference people from the LI community within a post, but make it a meaningful reference. The greater their following, the greater the probability that I will grow with them. However, this is not a one-way contribution. If I hope to benefit by referencing someone I must also do it in a way that supports and recognizes my LI friend.

2. Write simple, one simple idea at a time. Not simplistic, but more than one idea at a time will be overwhelming. My belief is that few will read a post in its entirety. People will scan it for a single nugget of gold. Once they find one, they may look for more but don’t count on it.

3. Keep posts short. My current goal is no more than 300 words. I have gone for the 30 word maximum but for my audience, that is a sound byte. They are looking for meaningful content.

4. Create a compelling graphic. Again, the simpler the better but it must be clear. If it needs any explanation, then it is not communicating well. I currently use Canva because they have great tools and templates, the size of which will work on LI.

5. Be thoughtful. I use to just throw ideas at posts and I saw my view rate get smaller an smaller.

I couldn’t agree more – great advice all around. Thank you Dan for sharing your experience and wisdom! For more on Dan and his expertise, here is a link to the LinkedIn post he talks about above and here is a link to my previous blog post: https://lisamariediasdesigns.com/building-a-social-platform-to-launch-a-book/ What works on LinkedIn for YOU? Please share your tips and experience in the comments below! And if YOU need help figuring out what platform is right for YOU and YOUR goals, give me a call or email me at LMD@LisaMarieDiasDesigns.com – as you can see, my advice drives results!  

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