2015 LinkedIn Webinar Series

2015 LinkedIn Webinar Series

Are you still feeling overwhelmed by Social Media? Still not sure of how to really use LinkedIn to do anything more than list your past job experience?

This LinkedIn Webinar series will help YOU use LinkedIn to Grow YOUR Business in 2015! The three sessions will give you the information and tools you need to finally get LinkedIn working for YOU! Take charge of your LinkedIn Presence – OWN IT!

Three 90 minute sessions will cover everything from the basics of how LinkedIn works, through Profile set-up and will include more advanced tactics like finding leads and establishing yourself as an industry expert. Take one or use the link below to sign up for all three and SAVE!

LinkedIn for Business – an Overview – Feb 11 2015

LinkedIn for Business – Creating an Effective Profile – Feb 18 2015

LinkedIn for Business – Company Pages and Content Plans – Feb 25 2015

LinkedIn for Business – 3 Part Series – Discount- February 2015

SAVE the DATES! These are far enough ahead to plan for but early enough in the year to impact your 2015 bottom line!


And please pass this information along to anyone you know who may need this type of help.

Thank you!

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