How Non-Profits are using Social Media – Links and Resources

How Non-Profits are using Social Media – Links and Resources

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As of October 31, 2011 Facebook will no longer support ‘Discussion’ tabs on their FB Pages.  I have always used that page for posting resources and links and will now move them over to my blog so that you will continue to have access to this valuable info.

Below you will find a mix of posts, stats and articles related to Non-profits using Social Media.  Please note the date as some of them are from months, if not years, past but all contain info that is helpful in some way and are a great starting point for learning more about how Non-profits can use social media for fund-raising, growing awareness of their cause and building and nurturing their community.

Good posts on the plus & minus of non-profits using contests


A forum on FB for non-profits – check out the suggestions!


Some hints and tips from Constant Contact


Fun social media campaigns to raise money for good causes


A group of good suggestions for non-profits using social media.

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