Using Your Marketing Resources Wisely

Using Your Marketing Resources Wisely


Lately, I have been doing quite a few “Power of Email Marketing” presentations. I really enjoy teaching people how to use email marketing to grow their businesses and am always pleasantly surprised by the fact that each presentation is unique. Depending on the attendees and their business types, interests and needs, each session is slightly different. But one concept in particular seems to surprise the audience, across the board.

Using the image above, I explain that there are different types of people we can market to:

Raving Fans: those who know and love us and are probably already our brand ambassadors

Customers: those who have used our services or purchased our products but might consider alternatives

Prospects: those who are connected via fans and/or customers but have not yet used our services

Suspects: those who might be interested in our products and services if only they knew we existed

Disinterested: those who are not a good fit and are not going to buy our products or services

Then I go on to explain that in the interest of wisely using our marketing resources and our valuable time and effort, I suggest that we NOT focus on the Disinterested.

For most people, this is a radical concept but one I think is really important. Say you sell baby safety products like toilet bowl lid locks, baby gates for stairs and padded edging for tables. Young males, ages 15 – 25 are probably NOT a good fit for you. They just are not interested in what you are selling. And that is OK! It is just not worth spending your time and effort marketing to them.

Focusing your time and money on new or soon to be new parents is key to making sure that the message you are sending is of VALUE to the recipients and makes it that much more likely that they will actually buy your products or services.

It is also important that you build your email list with this in mind. You need to have a clear understanding of the value you offer and clearly position yourself and your e-newsletter such that people perceive and understand that value. They will know if the news you will be sending is of interest to them and your efforts will more likely be rewarded with conversions and purchases.

This also helps when you are creating your content as you more clearly understand the people you are trying to attract and engage.

You cannot, and should not try, to make EVERYone love you. Know your target audience and focus there. It will make your life easier and make it more likely that they will join the ranks of Raving Fans!

If YOU need help defining your target market, or know your market but need ideas for content of value to engage them, please email me at or give me a call at 212.664.1872 to set up a time to meet so we can come up with a plan that will help YOU use your marketing resources wisely.

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