LinkedIn Groups – Q & A

LinkedIn Groups – Q & A

Earlier this week, I replied to a journalist’s query regarding the advantages and benefits of participating in LinkedIn Groups. I thought that you might find the answers helpful!

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Q: What do you enjoy most about LinkedIn Groups?
A: Access to people and info that I would not normally have the opportunity to meet and talk/ engage with.

Q: What do you dislike most on LinkedIn Groups?
A: If you have your settings set for notifications for all comments and/or daily updates, it can be super noisy and unproductive!

Q: What are you looking for in a group on LinkedIn?
A: Smart, engaged professionals and/or potential clients

Q: What should LinkedIn fix or improve in Groups?
A: I think that the members need to be more engaged and take responsibility to monitor the groups so they don’t become SPAMMY

Q: How many groups should members join and how often should they expect to participate?
A: This really depends on the amount of time they have and their goals – a job seeker may be able to engage with dozens of groups but someone else may choose only one.

I recommend setting aside 10 – 20 minutes a week to go in and see what is happening in your groups and to engage there but obviously if you have the time and there is some reward, you could visit up to multiple times a day – again, based on your availability and goals

Q: Is there a proper protocol members should follow when joining a group?
A: I recommend joining groups both for professional development and to find strategic partners. Depending on your business, you may also want to join groups where you can find and engage (or impress!) potential clients.

Q: What are some key benefits that members should expect from any group before joining and participating?
A: Benefits range from access to potential clients, colleagues and strategic partners to facilitating networking, professional development and establishing expertise. If you are a job seeker, groups can also help you gain exposure and opportunities. Head hunters frequently search in groups to find candidates so this can be a good way to demonstrate your expertise in a forum which will be noticed by potential employers or recruiters.

LinkedIn Groups also offer you the option to message other group members directly – this can be an extremely valuable way to reach potential clients and strategic partners. you do not need to have their email address and need only be members of the same group. I suggest being very careful when using this tactic! Only reach out in this way if you can honestly offer the recipient something of value to them – like an industry whitepaper with insights they could benefit from or stats you have compiled or an offer of partnership which may be of interest. You can also be genuine, reaching out with a note that says something like, ‘I admire your work and would like to meet to discuss working with you’ – but beware, this can backfire if you do not have a profile which clearly and professionally represents you or if you don’t include an explanation of who you are. This can result in turning OFF your prospect rather than interesting them. You are more likely to be received well if you are honest and/or bearing something of value to them! If you abuse this ‘privilege’, you may be removed from the group so be careful!

And here is the final article he wrote – note my quote in the final paragraph –


If you would like to learn more about LinkedIn Groups, help figuring out which to join and how to leverage that membership, please send me an email at or give me a call at 212.664.1872 to set up a time to meet!



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