Digital Marketing Coaching Doesn’t Need to Be Painful!

Digital Marketing Coaching Doesn’t Need to Be Painful!

digital marketing coaching doesn't need to be painful

I have short hair so I get my hair cut quite frequently. I enjoy chatting with the barber as he cuts my hair and find the process relaxing. Last week, during my visit, there was a little boy who was NOT enjoying the process at ALL! He was screaming and crying and terribly unhappy. We tried to calm him but he was inconsolable. My heart went out to him. I was struck by how unfortunate it was to have someone so afraid and unhappy with something that I actually found enjoyable!

What does this possibly have to do with digital marketing coaching? Well, frankly, I often meet people who are just as afraid of digital marketing as this young boy was of getting his hair cut. But, as adults, rather than scream and cry, many of them just AVOID it entirely.  But if you want your business to survive and thrive in this century, you really must familiarize yourself and dare I say, get comfortable with, digital marketing.

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Here is how I approach Digital Marketing Coaching:

Explain the Process: Part of why this child was so distraught was that he clearly did NOT know what was going on, did not know why this person was wielding scissors so close to his face and did NOT like the buzzing of the electric razor. In a digital marketing coaching session, I will EXPLAIN how digital marketing works. I help the client define their goals and we identify the platforms that will help them meet those goals.

Empower You: The poor kid was being held in the chair – which certainly added to his feelings of fear and powerlessness. My goal with digital marketing coaching is to empower you – if you practically LIVE on your phone, we can find the apps that will make mobile posting and monitoring a snap for you! If you only infrequently log onto your desktop computer and still have a flip phone, no worries – we can meet you at whatever level you are and show you effective ways to grow your business from there.  Our digital marketing training programs are available for large groups, small teams and one on one for individuals who want or need extra time and explanation. It is all about empowering YOU to feel comfortable with this process.

Familiarity: I am hoping that next time this child visits the salon, he will remember that it wasn’t so scary, will remember the person who cut his hair and lollipop he received at the end. In my company, I do the digital marketing coaching. You meet and get to know ME. We meet as often, or as infrequently, as necessary to get you up to speed and to keep you moving forward. I am a patient and competent teacher (see my many recommendations to support this statement!) and I truly enjoy working with people and helping them learn how to master digital marketing. I may bring on other associates to help with other aspects of the project (a graphic designer for logo and branding, a web designer to help build or update your site) but you can trust that I will be part of the job, from start to finish.

The bonus you receive will often be increased sales, wider brand awareness and stronger brand loyalty. But I can bring lollipops as well if you prefer!

Click here to learn more about my digital marketing services and if you think that digital marketing coaching could help YOU build YOUR business, give me a call at 212.664.1872.

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