The top 10 reasons why YOU should consider a WordPress based Website

The top 10 reasons why YOU should consider a WordPress based Website

While a WordPress website is not necessarily ideal for everyone, here are the top 10 reasons you should consider a WordPress based website:

10. Professional Looking

9. SEO ready (Search Engine Friendly)

8. Easily Customized to reflect and reinforce your branding

7. Often less expensive than a traditional website

6. Tons of Plug-in Options (see the cool plug-in that allows you to easily add a testimonial on the new site and the various social media and blog widgets)

5. Open source design means that there is an army of developers regularly working to improve the product

4. Integrates easily with Social Networking sites

3. Seamless Blog integration that makes blogging easy

2. Interface designed to make tagging your blog posts easy, leading again, to better SEO

And the NUMBER ONE reason you may want to consider a WP site is that it makes updating your own site EASY!

You all know that fresh content on a website is key to Search Engine ranking and more importantly to keeping your visitors interested and engaged. Way too many clients HAVE fresh content but find it difficult to get their webmasters to upload it. Or they have access to the back end of their site but find it too confusing to master.  The WordPress interface, once it is set up, really IS easy to use. We can train you and/or your staff to do it in about an hour or so, allowing you to quickly and easily change, update and add fresh content as needed – all on your own!

The time and cost savings, combined with the added SEO advantages associated with being able to maintain and update your own site are often more than enough to justify switching over to this type of site.

And if you are starting from scratch, it is almost always the best way to go! Call 212.664.1872 or email us today to discuss YOUR needs and goals and to see if YOUR next website should be on WordPress.

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