How to Leave a Facebook Conversation – tutorial

How to Leave a Facebook Conversation – tutorial

How to Leave a Facebook Conversation – tutorial

Facebook Groups can be useful; a private forum for discussion, a place to chat with High School friends or to arrange a family reunion. But Facebook Groups can also be a source of annoying updates and notifications. Please see my previous post on managing Facebook Notifications to see how to turn these on and off. But sometimes you DO want to stay in a group, you just want to get out of a specific conversation thread.

I received a notification the other day where the person actually asked: “what was the original question here??” This happens all the time. You make a single comment on an active discussion and the next thing you know, you are receiving notifications every time someone adds a comment to the conversation. Even months after you made your comment.

To leave a Facebook Conversation, go to the upper right hand corner of the notification of a new comment on the conversation you want to leave and click on the “X”

NOTE: the “X” will not be visible until you roll over the specific notification!

It will ask you to confirm that you do, in fact, want to unfollow this post.

NOTE: This is NOT how to leave the Facebook Group (please see this post for How to Leave a Facebook Group) but you will no longer be notified when someone adds a comment to your conversation thread.

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