Adding Facebook link to LinkedIn – Tutorial

Adding Facebook link to LinkedIn – Tutorial

HOW – TO: Add Your Facebook Page Link to Your LinkedIn Profile

First, this should only be done with your Facebook Business Page, not to link back to your Facebook Personal Profile.

Step 1: While logged into your LinkedIn account, go to ‘Edit Profile’

Step 2: Scroll down, past all of your recommendations to Additional Info. Click on link to ‘Edit Additional Info’

Note that you can add up to 3 websites. One should be your business website (helpful if someone wants to learn more about you and to contact you if they are a 3rd degree or further and need your contact info!)

You can use the other 2 for your Facebook business page, a blog, an RSS feed or a portfolio link.

Step 3: Using the ‘Other’ option, add your Facebook Business Page link and identify it as such.

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