LinkedIn Company Pages

What to Post on LinkedIn Company Pages

Lately, I have seen some strange things posted on LinkedIn Company Pages – everything from screaming promotional ads to buy a particular household item to disjointed comments that were probably connected, at some point to another post but are out of context on a company page, to content by experts
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Correctly Link to Your Company's LinkedIn Company Page

How to Correctly Link to Your Company’s LinkedIn Company Page

Many LinkedIn users’ personal profiles are NOT correctly linked to the LinkedIn Company Pages of the companies they work for. You may list a company in the experience section of your profile but if you are not linked correctly, clicking on the company name will not take you to the
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LinkedIn Endorsements

Every once in a while, I will come across a LinkedIn profile with skills but NO LinkedIn Endorsements. This is very unusual, since LinkedIn actually works to help you get endorsed for the skills you list. Usually, it is because the profile owner has either deliberately – or accidentally –
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How to Export LinkedIn Contacts

How to Export Your LinkedIn Contacts

Here is a quick tutorial on how to export your LinkedIn contacts

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Profile

I help people create effective LinkedIn in profiles. Sometimes we start from scratch, sometimes we edit their existing profile, more often than not, we combine multiple profiles into one.  But no matter where we begin, we first need to understand who it is we are trying to attract and how
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How to Close Your LinkedIn Account – Tutorial

Can you BLOCK someone on LinkedIn?

I received this question today from a client: Q: Can I BLOCK someone from seeing my profile on LinkedIn? UPDATE: LinkedIn announced today (2/21/14) that you now CAN block someone on LinkedIn – please see this for more You Can Finally Block Those Annoying People on LinkedIn


Twitter Success Stories – Richard R. Shapiro, Author and Customer Service Expert

Name: Richard R. Shapiro Company: The Center For Client Retention Background: Richard, through TCFCR, provides research, training and consulting services to Fortune 500 corporations on how to improve the customer experience.  His book, The Welcomer Edge: Unlocking the Secrets to Repeat Business provides businesses with practical, easy to implement suggestions
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New on LinkedIn – personalize your invitation when using the ‘people you may know’ feature

Personalizing an invitation on LinkedIn is a quick and easy way to optimize the chances of it being accepted.  A short note indicating how you know the person, or if you do not know them, why you are reaching out to them, is much more likely to be read and
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‘Hiding’ your connections on LinkedIn – Tutorial

If you have not already read my post on ‘Showing your Hand‘ where I talk about why I recommend against ‘hiding’ your LinkedIn connections, please do read it before proceeding. If you do decide to hide them, here are the steps:

LinkedIn vanity URL

Setting up a Vanity URL for LinkedIn – Tutorial

Please click here to see our updated tutorial on ‘How to set up a Vanity URL on LinkedIn’   One of the most important reasons to set up a vanity URL for your LinkedIn page is so that you can easily share the address with others.  A “vanity” URL is
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