Three tips to help keep your online marketing campaign alive!

Three tips to help keep your online marketing campaign alive!

Most people start online marketing campaigns with great intentions. They will only to find three or four month s into it, that this is really time consuming, difficult or no longer fun. We get busy (a good thing!), we have other obligations, we have a life. It happens. But since one of the keys to online marketing success is to create a well respected and continued presence, dropping your campaign like a hot potato is a sure way to low or diminished returns.

Here are three things you can do when you are overwhelmed and tempted to just ignore those publication deadlines.

  1. Go short
    Initial publications often need to be a longer to introduce yourself and your products and/ or services. And when you are first starting off, it’s often still fun and you have no problem writing tons of content. When pressed for time, consider writing a shorter version. It can be a ‘just the facts’ format with this month’s featured product, this month’s news or promotion. While you should never send out something without a specific message and call to action, you can certainly keep it brief. Your readers are probably just as busy as you are an may appreciate the brevity!
  2. Consider an e-calendar
    If you have a series of presentations, classes or events that are clearly described on your website, by all means send a calendar with links! Remember to format it similarly enough (same header, logo, colors etc) so that they recognize it is you. This is a quick way to stay on their radar AND has the added bonus of getting them back to your website. Make sure the links work and use ‘anchors’ to take them to the pages and passages they need.
  3. Consider an event reminder
    Instead of a full issue, consider an ‘invitation’ format. Announce the date(s) of one or more upcoming events with a description. Maybe add a testimonial from the event last year or some incentive to sign up early. Again, remember to format it like your other materials so the readers know exactly who sent it.
    By using one of these formats you will be able to get something out quickly, maintain your credibility and stay on your reader’s radar.
    And if you do have an extra minute or two – make a copy and start one for next month – you’ll be happy you did!

To learn more about how to start and maintain an online marketing campaign, please contact LisaMarie at and visit her website.

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