Three More Things To Keep In Mind When Adding Images To Your E-Newsletter

Three More Things To Keep In Mind When Adding Images To Your E-Newsletter

Images add color, life and information to your E-newsletters. They enhance your publication and should be used whenever possible to support and clarify your message. Here are three things to keep in mind when adding images to your e-newsletters.

  1. Do not add too many images or you will increase the time it takes to open the document.
    Do not include more than about 5 or 6 images per email or your readers will have to wait too long to download and open your document. Or they may think that there is a problem and just move on to their next email! Plan ahead and only use images that are necessary and add, rather than detract from your content.
  2. Smaller images load faster
    Do not make images any larger than necessary. Crop photos when possible to increase clarity and focus. Unless you are using it as part of a fashion article, most photos of people can be headshots instead of full body images.
    If you want to include a large group shot or a highly detailed image it is best to host it on a page of your website and include a link to it in your e-newsletter.
  3. You do not need high resolution images in your e-newsletter
    Online images do not need to be the same high quality as printed materials. If you are re-using images or graphics that were created for print, you may want to ‘save’ them at a lower resolution for your online publications. They will read just as well and will load much faster.

In general, images no larger than 800 pixels wide or 100kb is size will work best but check with your service for the file and image size restrictions applicable for your program. By using them wisely, images will certainly improve your readers’ e-newsletter experience.

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