The KEY to Content Marketing Success

The KEY to Content Marketing Success

The KEY to Content Marketing Success

This morning I received a GREAT question: “What is the #1 habit of highly successful content marketing campaigns”

Here is my answer:

CONSISTENTLY sharing CONTENT OF VALUE is key to content marketing success. Getting – and STAYING – in the habit of creating and sharing valuable content is key!

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For some, creating content and sharing it, can be fun at first but then becomes a chore. For others, it is difficult from day one – they put out a few posts, don’t get any traction and then give up. Content marketing is a long term investment –we are usually using this tactic to establish expertise and/or authority in a specific field and that is not something that can be done in just one or two posts. It takes a consistent presence and regular engagement to become an authority and to be recognized for your expertise.

The same is true when using content to establish your brand. A single post, or even one month of posts, is not enough to tell people all they need to know to understand your branding and the value to offer.

You may be lucky and get some quick response when you first start sharing content but for real traction and long term results, you need to consistently produce and share content of value to your community.

And I emphasize that this needs to be content of VALUE to the community – it is NOT just frequency. Frequently posting content which tells people to love your brand will NOT produce good results. You must create content which your audience finds helpful/ important and/or entertaining, depending on your goals and their needs.

Creating and actually FOLLOWING an editorial calendar can help make this a bit easier.

Contact me at 212.664.1872 if YOU need help identifying what might be considered ‘valuable’ content to your audience and with creating an effective Editorial Calendar.

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