InboxQ: New Hootsuite Application – Tutorial

For those of you that have ever taken my Social Media Management and Monitoring webinars, training classes or one-on-one sessions, you know I am a huge Hootsuite fan. I highly recommend it for anyone that is looking to manage more than one social media profile. It offers a ‘one stop
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Scheduling and Sending in Constant Contact – Tutorial

Scheduling and Sending in Constant Contact – Tutorial

No, you aren’t going crazy – Constant Contact has changed how you schedule and send materials and yes, it IS a bit confusing.  Here is a quick tutorial on scheduling and sending in Constant Contact: Once you have created and saved your issue, click ‘Continue’.  It will take you to
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Turning off your Facebook Group Notifications – tutorial

Note: this post was updated May 2013 to reflect the current FB format “Help!! I am drowning in Facebook Group notifications and emails!!” This is a cry I hear all too often. Being a member of a Group on Facebook can be an excellent way to stay in touch, keep
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Vanity URL on Facebook

Creating a ‘Vanity URL’ for your Facebook Page – tutorial

Please click here to see our UPDATED tutorial on ‘Creating a Vanity URL on Facebook’   A Facebook “Vanity URL” is a clean, easy to remember web address for your Facebook Business Page.  In addition to being easier to share, both online and in person, this type of URL address
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‘Hiding’ your connections on LinkedIn – Tutorial

If you have not already read my post on ‘Showing your Hand‘ where I talk about why I recommend against ‘hiding’ your LinkedIn connections, please do read it before proceeding. If you do decide to hide them, here are the steps:

LinkedIn vanity URL

Setting up a Vanity URL for LinkedIn – Tutorial

Please click here to see our updated tutorial on ‘How to set up a Vanity URL on LinkedIn’   One of the most important reasons to set up a vanity URL for your LinkedIn page is so that you can easily share the address with others.  A “vanity” URL is
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Using Facebook as a ‘Page’ – Tutorial

Comment and Post on Facebook as either your Personal or Business Profile! This week, Facebook changed the look and functionality of the Business Pages. There are lots of great new additions, my favorite being the ability to comment and post on other pages on FB either as your personal profile
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Adding Facebook link to LinkedIn – Tutorial

HOW – TO: Add Your Facebook Page Link to Your LinkedIn Profile First, this should only be done with your Facebook Business Page, not to link back to your Facebook Personal Profile. Step 1: While logged into your LinkedIn account, go to ‘Edit Profile’