Getting Started on Linked In – a Quick Checklist and Reminders

Getting Started on Linked In – a Quick Checklist and Reminders

How to Close Your LinkedIn Account – Tutorial

Your Linkedin Profile WILL be found by prospective clients, customers and patients – even if YOU don’t use it, others do, so make sure they find a full, professional profile!

Note: this checklist is designed to accompany the live or virtual ‘Getting Started on LinkedIn’ presentation. Please attend the presentation for a full list of tasks and for explanations on how and why to complete these tasks.


  • Use a Professional Address
  • Professional Photo (80×80)
  • Include office phone number, blog, FB (BUSINESS PAGE only) + website
  • Complete your Summary – not necessarily a full resume, keep it relevant
  • Add nick names and primary schools if helpful for finding you
  • Include all relevant Applications, Languages and Skills
  • Give – and request – recommendations
  • Think about KEYWORDS!


  • Sign in (be careful not to join again!)
  • Check your inbox every time you visit LinkedIn!
  • Get your Vanity URL ( )
  • SHARE the link! Email, business cards, website, other Social Media profiles
  • Post CONTENT of VALUE – regularly (at least once a week)
  • Connect generously

Helpful Articles and sites:  (Daily hints, tips and articles)  (Please add me to your Linked In network!)  (NOT just for women!)

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