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screen shot of my enews on a mobile phone

Mobile Friendly Email Marketing Template Tips

Do you own a smartphone? Do you use it to check your email? Do you own an ipad, kindle or other tablet? Do you use it to check your email?


Checklist of Items Needed for a Successful Enewsletter:

Email Marketing WORKS! While we may complain that we receive way too many emails, over 90% of us check our email daily and if the information is from a trusted source, most of us will open it. And studies show that email marketing drives both sales and loyalty – two
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email marketing ROCKS ROI

Email Marketing ROCKS ROI!

Studies show that for every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment *   Email Marketing is an excellent tool to: Establish Expertise Build Brand Awareness Increase Customer Loyalty and Create Brand Ambassadors Stay on Your Customer’s Radar


LinkedIn “Skills” Section – Explanation and Tutorial

Recently, LinkedIn has added a feature to allow people to ‘Endorse’ the skills you have included in your personal profile. (See this post for more on how and why to use the Endorsement feature) But as a colleague recently pointed out, if your skill section is not up to date,
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Bill's Army Navy Outdoors

Success Stories – Lee Lucas, Bill’s Army Navy Outdoors, Short Hills NJ

Name: Lee Lucas Company: Bill’s Army Navy Outdoors Background: Lee Lucas is the owner of Bill’s Army Navy Outdoors, a full service shop in Short Hills for all of your Outdoor needs. In addition to a large selection of shoes, boots and active wear from well known brands like Northface, 
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Scheduling and Sending in Constant Contact – Tutorial

Scheduling and Sending in Constant Contact – Tutorial

No, you aren’t going crazy – Constant Contact has changed how you schedule and send materials and yes, it IS a bit confusing.  Here is a quick tutorial on scheduling and sending in Constant Contact: Once you have created and saved your issue, click ‘Continue’.  It will take you to
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Email Marketing Success Stories – Heather Higgins, Interior Designer, NYC

Name: Heather Higgins Company: Higgins Design Studio, LLC Publication: Inside Design Background: Heather Higgins is the principal and founder of Higgins Design Studio, LLC, a Manhattan-based, interior design practice. She works with busy professionals to create homes and offices that will support and inspire their demanding lives. A formally educated
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Success Stories – a new series to help YOU succeed in your online marketing efforts!

These days, there seems to be app for almost everything. Want to keep track of your business and travel expenses? Find the exact coordinates of the moon rise (an app I learned about from a photographer!)  Catch and collect virtual butterflies? Well, you can find that one in my last e-news  issue.

Email Marketing Success Stories – Brenda McMahon Ceramics

Name: Brenda McMahon Company: Brenda McMahon Ceramics Background: I met Brenda back in college when I lived with her sister.  We have been in and out of touch over the years and she reached out to me early last summer to help optimize her email marketing and E-newsletter campaigns.  She has
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adding video to CC

Adding Video to your Constant Contact E-Newsletter – Tutorial

Adding video to an email marketing piece can be a pain, involving taking a screen shot of the video and adding it, with a hot link, to your publication.  It can require having screen shot editing software and a bit of tech savvy.  But Constant Contact has a tool which
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