LinkedIn Personal Profile VS Company Pages

LinkedIn Personal Profile VS Company Pages

I had a great client question today:

“I am trying to get resolve on an issue that surfaced this weekend at a meeting and hope you can give me a quick answer Business Linked In page vs Personal – it seems we focused about our personal pages when you gave your talk – I have a company page that I never use as I was under the impression that the “expert” was me and I was building my “brand” – thoughts?”

Here is my reply:

Thanks for the great question regarding a LinkedIn Personal Profile VS Company Pages!

Yes, you can use your PERSONAL account to establish expertise, to network, to do research, gain insights, help people find you, to find jobs and job candidates and to find leads. Your BUSINESS page is like a mini website on LinkedIn where you can establish and define your brand. It is a place to let people know what you do and to help you to be found for the services you offer (think ‘keyword opportunity’!)

You can also create “Showcase” pages for each service you offer (again, think ‘keyword opportunity’!).

People can FOLLOW your main company page and/or showcase pages. You can see who follows your pages by clicking on the hyperlinked blue number of followers.

You can POST status updates to your company page AND/OR to your showcase pages. In your case, say you had an event coming up, you could post that as a status update on your company page and then SHARE that to your personal page. Your company page is also a great place for posting job openings, awards received, promotions, etc.

UNLIKE your personal profile, I do NOT recommend sharing content by others on your company page or your showcase pages.

Note that you can PIN a post on your company page, meaning that it will ALWAYS appear first, even if you add other updates after it.


Please keep the great questions coming!

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