Facebook Timeline and Visibility Concerns – Tutorial

Facebook Timeline and Visibility Concerns – Tutorial

Recently, a Facebook Fan wrote to me via Facebook:

I seem to be having an issue that no one can figure out. All my Facebook settings are set to ‘friends’. However, people who are not friends or even friends of friends can view almost everything on my Timeline.

I wrote back explaining that she should check the privacy settings of her posts, especially her photos and she insisted that she only shared her info with her ‘friends’.

I went to visit her page and immediately saw the problem. While she may have thought that she was sharing her info only with her ‘friends’ many if not all her posts were set to ‘Public’. Not only as a non-friend, could I view the info but I could see that the little globe icon was next to each post indicating the ‘Public’ setting.

You can see a screen shot here:

This was actually quite easy to fix – time consuming, but easy.  She needed to go into EVERY post and check to see which little icon was showing. The globe indicated PUBLIC. The icon of 2 little busts indicates ‘Friends Only’.


To change the status of a post, click on the little icon, you will get a small drop down menu. Make the appropriate choice and save.

Note that you have the option of ‘Custom’ sharing which can be with as few as one ‘friend’, any of your ‘lists’ (this is where you find the value of setting up lists!) and there is also the option of BLOCKING the post from specific people and/or lists.

On occasion, I have noticed that clicking on the icon does NOT activate the drop down menu on a certain image or post, but this seems to be a bug and when I have checked back later, I was then able to modify it.

Once she fixed her posts I, as a non-friend, was no longer able to see anything – just as she had planned!

And, since this can be buggy at times as noted above, it is always best to set your privacy preferences when you upload or post. Note that you have the same privacy options when you upload from your phone or tablet as well. So, be sure to take advantage of these powerful privacy options to ensure you are only sharing your Facebook posts with those you choose!

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