What to do when Business Associates send Facebook Friend Requests

Recently, a client asked: “I am receiving Facebook Friend Requests on my Personal Account from people I do not know.  I think that they are hearing my radio interviews and then inviting me. I would like them to follow me on my Facebook Business Page – what should I do?”

Vanity URL on Facebook

Creating a ‘Vanity URL’ for your Facebook Page – tutorial

Please click here to see our UPDATED tutorial on ‘Creating a Vanity URL on Facebook’   A Facebook “Vanity URL” is a clean, easy to remember web address for your Facebook Business Page.  In addition to being easier to share, both online and in person, this type of URL address
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LinkedIn vanity URL

Setting up a Vanity URL for LinkedIn – Tutorial

Please click here to see our updated tutorial on ‘How to set up a Vanity URL on LinkedIn’   One of the most important reasons to set up a vanity URL for your LinkedIn page is so that you can easily share the address with others.  A “vanity” URL is
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