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The Difference Between Sharing an Update and Publishing a Post on LinkedIn

Recently, a client asked a great question, “What is the difference between Sharing an Update and Publishing a Post on LinkedIn?“ There is actually a THIRD option for sharing content via your Personal LinkedIn profile, as well – to ‘upload a photo’. Here is a brief explanation of each action
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How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Profile

I help people create effective LinkedIn in profiles. Sometimes we start from scratch, sometimes we edit their existing profile, more often than not, we combine multiple profiles into one.  But no matter where we begin, we first need to understand who it is we are trying to attract and how
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InboxQ: New Hootsuite Application – Tutorial

For those of you that have ever taken my Social Media Management and Monitoring webinars, training classes or one-on-one sessions, you know I am a huge Hootsuite fan. I highly recommend it for anyone that is looking to manage more than one social media profile. It offers a ‘one stop
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Knock knock…

Knock knock – Who’s there? Three simple techniques to help you gather information which you can then use to create valuable content for your e-newsletter readers! An effective e-newsletter is one that readers open, click through and look forward to receiving. Ideally, they forward it to friends and colleagues and
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