should I delete this person from my mailing list?

Q & A: Should I Delete this Person From My Mailing List?

This week, a client noticed an odd entry in her weekly sign-up report from Constant Contact.  She forwarded this screenshot and asked, ‘should I delete this person from my mailing list?’ Unusual name and address?   One of my goals is to help clients GROW their email marketing lists so
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Adding Personalization to your Constant Contact Mailings – Tutorial

Recently, a client wrote: “I would like to add the recipients name to the subject line and body of my next Constant Contact mailing – can you please help me with this?” Unfortunately, Constant Contact does not have a way to personalize the subject line.   But yes, you can add
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Three More Things To Keep In Mind When Adding Images To Your E-Newsletter

Images add color, life and information to your E-newsletters. They enhance your publication and should be used whenever possible to support and clarify your message. Here are three things to keep in mind when adding images to your e-newsletters.