3 Ways to Use List Segmentation to Ensure Success with Your E-Newsletter

3 Ways to Use List Segmentation to Ensure Success with Your E-Newsletter

Segmenting your e-newsletter mailing list, by dividing it into sub-groups and categories will enable you to more accurately target your messages to your reader’s needs and preferences. And a well targeted message is more likely to be opened, read and appreciated by the recipient. Here are three ways to use list segmentation to ensure that your e-newsletter succeeds!

More is better
I don’t usually say this but in this case, more IS better. You are allowed an unlimited number of lists – use them! Create lists based on location or association, on interests or participation. The idea is to create categories that you can then target with specific emails. For example, in addition to sending out a general invitation to your crafts fair you could send a special coupon to the list of people that purchased from you at the fair last year. If you are sending out an announcement for a live training event in the Northwest, you don’t need to send it to your west coast or your international clients. You can, but you don’t have to. You have options and options are good!

Let them choose
As you create your sign-up landing pages, the pages where people are taken when they enter their names into your sign-up box, offer some list options. Let them tell you if they wish to receive updates on cooking classes or baking classes or both. You have the option of making your lists visible or not – use that option to post some of your more obvious choices like Cooking and Baking Class Updates while not displaying other lists like regions or purchase history.

You can send to as many or as few lists as you choose.
If you choose to send a mailing to five different lists and one person is on three of those lists, don’t worry, they will NOT receive three copies. This is the advantage of using an Email Service Provider like Constant Contact. The software is sophisticated enough to sort through the designated recipients and ensures that only one issue is sent.

Once you get the hang of it, you can start creating or modifying your emails with your specific target audience in mind. Understanding and using list segmentation is an easy way to ensure success with your e-newsletter!

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